In OBJECT CARPET’s new headquarters the future has already begun

State-of-the-art architecture oriented on sustainability and networking – OBJECT CARPET is reaching new horizons in office work: both for their employees and cooperation partners.

After over 45 years, the carpet specialist OBJECT CARPET is still focusing on innovation, and not just when it comes to textile floor coverings. The latest example of this is the new company headquarters “OBJECT CARPET – City of Visions” in Denkendorf near Stuttgart: impressive architecture with a light-absorbing façade made of aluminium and glass, five floors and an ambitious interior, designed by the Hank + Hirth architectural office. Openness, great design, high quality standards and collaborations with visionary architecture and design offices is the recipe for success that has earned the company a top position among international carpet manufacturers. OBJECT CARPET turns visions into reality.

The very name “CAMPUS” implies that everything at the headquarters revolves around interdisciplinary exchange. As always, design, sustainability, health and quality are paramount for OBJECT CARPET. The result is an ultra-modern office building that is both dynamic and sets standard in terms of open space and new work. “Our company headquarters should be a place where experts and companies can exchange ideas and where knowledge is harnessed – with an open house with a showroom, academy, flexible working spaces and meeting places. And in the heart of the building is a restaurant combined with a coworking café,” explains Managing Director Daniel Butz. As a forum for big ideas, OBJECT CAMPUS can be used in numerous and above all flexible ways, effectively turning the people who work and visit there into active designers. For example, external companies can also book the academy premises for training purposes. Workshops and press conferences are always equipped with technology of the highest standard. Two more buildings are also planned for the future to further develop the concept into a “City of Visions”.

Full of architectural sophistication and stark black and white contrasts, the staircase welcomes visitors and employees. Floor-to-ceiling glassed-in workspaces offer a wide view over the site and a variety of uses. In the showroom the textile floor coverings from OBJECT CARPET as well as holistic planning and concepts can be viewed in virtual rooms and buildings thanks to VR technology and 3D glasses. The manifold designs, colours and materials are of course on display as well. Thanks to its enormous design competence, the company, founded by Roland Butz 48 years ago, has not only been honoured with highly endowed awards, such as the Red Dot or German Design Award, but has also been named one of the “Top 50 German Luxury Companies” by the management consultants Ernst & Young. “The high standards of quality, health and ecology that underpin our products are the same standards we set for the new building,” explains the company founder. “What we sell to our customers and what we promote, forward-looking forms of cooperation, should also be realised here.

There are only a few classical individual offices and meetings rooms under the ceilings, which are up to 3.20 meters high. Instead, there are open spaces and new workstations, along with areas to hold conversations and relax. The corridors are designed as open areas and shielded by large green plants and alcove sofas, giving employees the opportunity to talk or to take short breaks. The communication spaces each have specific themes such as “Jungle” or “Aquarium”. The Aquarium area is filled with inspiring and clear blue tones, and is utilized for presentations, breaks, remote working and networking. “Communication and cooperation are the focus of the design of the space. And since working methods and spatial requirements are constantly changing, they should adapt to the respective requirements and form a feel-good landscape in the office. The “La Visione” restaurant guarantees that guests of the building will eat in a pleasant ambiance according to the ideas of the renowned architect Peter Ippolito. With OBJECT CARPET floor coverings and wall collages of tablecloths, aprons and kitchen utensils, he has interpreted the comfortable liveliness of Italian trattorias in a new way.

The sound-absorbing and anti-dust carpets from OBJECT CARPET provide for a healthy indoor climate in the whole house. The whole building is designed according to sustainable principles and is nearly self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption. It complies with the KfW-Efficiency House Standard 55 and OBJECT CARPET will therefore achieve the DGNB Platinum certification from the German Sustainable Building Council. Geothermal energy and photovoltaics supply the heating and electricity. In sunny weather the solar panels are also able to refuel the electric vehicles and e-bikes. The furniture is certified, all the workplaces are equipped in a health-friendly manner and are optimally lit. Even the “ECOSIA” online search engine used at OBJECT CARPET isa company that gives back by planting trees. In front of the building a meadow of flowers will blossom in spring, provide food for bee colonies on the roof, and will be enjoyed by employees and visitors alike. “It is important to us that everyone feels comfortable, motivated and creative here. In short, the work-life balance should be right”, explains Marketing Director Martin Böhringer. The break areas perfectly complement the new work concept and make OBJECT CARPET a place where people enjoying working.