The new Floorwear® MARBLE from kymo: Fascinating carpet with marble effect

The new Floorwear® MARBLE from kymo: Fascinating carpet with marble effect

The German Floorwear® label kymo is known for exceptional material combinations. In the design-oriented, innovative kymo collections, again and again you will discover carpets that stand out due to their sophisticated mix of high-quality fibres and their skilful matte-gloss contrasts. The brand new Floorwear® MARBLE, designed by kymo head designer Eva Langhans, also combines fine, matte New Zealand wool and shiny viscose into an elegant overall composition.

The new Floorwear® MARBLE goes perfectly with the marble trend in interior design. Precious natural stones are ubiquitous in modern living spaces and their unique structures are often adopted by designers on other surfaces, such as textiles. The curved lines and organic forms of the MARBLE carpet appear as though they were drawn by Mother Nature herself, and due to the tone-in-tone design, the marble pattern is very subdued.

In the matte-glass carpets from kymo, the patterns emerge solely through the change of material. The appearance of the Floorwear® MARBLE also changes depending on the incoming light and viewing angle. Sometimes the organically shaped viscose elements immediately shine towards you the moment that you look at them. Seen from another perspective, the viscose elements melt again into the matte wool – and then the pattern is almost invisible. Through the interplay of light and shadow, bright and dark, glossy and matte surfaces, the MARBLE design becomes extremely lively. The luxurious sheen of the viscose makes MARBLE a real gem and the highlight in any living room.

The family resemblance to Floorwear® OBSIDIAN from kymo is unmistakable: both carpets belong to THE LOFT collection from kymo, both are hand-tufted from New Zealand wool and viscose and stand out due to their matte-glossy effects. Both designs were also inspired by stone. And that’s why the new MARBLE design is available in the same colours as OBSIDIAN. The magnificent gemstone colours include “emerald”, “sapphire” and “amethyst”. In 2020, other more muted hues such as “blue basalt”, “pale amber” and “agate grey” will be added.

The new Floorwear® MARBLE is also equipped with the supersonic polyester felt back, which noticeably improves the room acoustics and ensures that your feet are pleasantly cushioned.

Designs and dimensions

The new Floorwear® highlight MARBLE is available in 12 different elegant colours: “yellow topaz”, “emerald”, “turquoise”, “sapphire”, “aquamarin”, “blue basalt”, “amethyst”, “onyx”, “grey moonstone”, “agate grey”, “smoky quartz” and “pale amber”.

In addition to the five standard sizes (170×240 cm, 200×200 cm, 200×300 cm, 250×350 cm, 300×400 cm), individual custom-made products in desired shapes, colours and sizes (up to a maximum of 500×1000 cm) are also available.