FREESTILE in Paris – the 25hours Hotel dazzles with design carpets from OBJECT CARPET

FREESTILE in Paris – the 25hours Hotel dazzles with design carpets from OBJECT CARPET

Anyone checking into a room in the newly opened Parisian hotel at Terminus Nord in Paris will be welcomed by well-designed carpets by OBJECT CARPET. The hotel in the 10th arrondissement is characterised by a number of influences: the African and Indian patterns have a touch of
French chic, making it the perfect stage for the fascinating carpet materials from OBJECT CARPET.

With the FREESTILE collection, OBJECT CARPET has created colourful and creative floor coverings for commercial buildings that are inspired by various European metropolises. They are especially characterised by their extraordinary patterns. From floral and oriental designs to exciting geometric shapes, the collection offers a playground of creative ideas for architects, planners and contractors.

In the 25hours Hotel in Paris, the BUDAPEST and MARRAKESH designs in the Contract 1100 quality now adorn the rooms and give the spaces a stronger character. Inspired by Moroccan design, MARRAKESH can feel like a dream from 1001 nights. BUDAPEST stands for a stylish vintage look par excellence and gives the hotel room a romantic feeling – perfect for Paris.

But the FREESTILE carpets from OBJECT CARPET are not only colourful, they are also extremely sturdy and ideal for highly frequented areas. The carpet tiles from the collection give every floor a very individual touch due to the wide range of combinations and have the advantage of being
easily replaceable. In the rooms of the Parisian hotel, the carpets enter a cheerful play of colours with bright wallpapers and bed covers, ensuring a sense of well-being and good humour.

Moreover, FREESTILE floor coverings also offer health benefits. Since the carpet tiles are odourless and free of bitumen and PVC, they are ideally suited for allergy sufferers. OBJECT CARPET carpets also significantly improve room acoustics, as the modern weaving technique reduces the footfall sound and provides pleasant walking comfort.

OBJECT CARPET is one of the market leaders when it comes to well-designed and health-promoting floor coverings for commercial buildings. Both nationally and internationally, the company based in Denkendorf, Germany, is always generating new ideas and innovative solutions in interior design.