Holiday paradise on your own terrace: The new Floorwear® JUNGLE from kymo

Holiday paradise on your own terrace: The new Floorwear® JUNGLE from kymo

As temperatures begin to rise again, you need to make yourself comfortable outdoors, whether in the garden or on your balcony or terrace. When you go about furnishing your outdoor living room, the most important thing is to take the cosy atmosphere from indoors and bring it outside. Stylish outdoor carpets such as JUNGLE from kymo provide for a comfortable open-air ambience.

The new Floorwear® JUNGLE will have you dreaming of faraway tropical paradises. The unusual pattern will evoke thoughts of exotic vegetation, summer, sun and refreshing cocktails with colourful umbrellas. Designer Eva Langhans was inspired by the jungle and its shady canopies of leaves. Glaring, tropical sunlight and shade – this contrast informs the design of Floorwear® JUNGLE.

The organic pattern of the JUNGLE outdoor carpets refers to nature and the use of materials benefits nature, since the pile of this hand-tufted Floorwear® is made of 100% recycled PET. Used plastic bottles are melted down and spun into robust yarn to produce the innovative material. The result is a stylish carpet that is both sustainable and weatherproof.

Summer rain cannot harm the extremely sturdy outdoor carpet. A secondary back layer was deliberately omitted so that rainwater would easily be washed away. Although the carpet was designed for outdoor use,
this Floorwear® highlight can of course also be used indoors. If you would like to decorate your living room with JUNGLE, you can order the carpet with an optional polyester felt backing.

The new JUNGLE Floorwear® is available in six attractive colours combinations, ranging from “zebra” in classic black and white to “wild amazon” in a rich green tone. This means there is a suitable for every outdoor space. Welcome to the JUNGLE!