INTENSIVE GRACE by OBJECT CARPET: opulent elegance for hotels, restaurants and shops

INTENSIVE GRACE by OBJECT CARPET: opulent elegance for hotels, restaurants and shops

Whether you’re after classical sophistication or extravagance with a touch of innovation, INTENSIVE GRACE – the second style world by OBJECT CARPET’s new COLOR OPINIONS collection – will always make a striking impression. In restaurants and hotels, INTENSIVE GRACE melds delicate colours and high-quality materials into a unique experience for the senses. Timeless yet bang on trend, the new colours in the collection exude high-grade comfort and luxury.

A dark, chic intensity and a refined sense of value are the hallmarks of INTENSIVE GRACE’s distinctive look, reflecting a need to feel cosy and secure and a desire for opulence in everyday life. Expressive, maximalist furnishing concepts inspired by Art Deco architecture are suitably accentuated through this style world in a way that makes them cosy and approachable.

Sophisticated gemstone-inspired shades such as MYSTIC PETROL, AUBERGINE and DARK BLUE set a charismatic tone, while mellow ROUGE, SOFT BROWN and RUSTY RED give off a calming warmth. Combined with DUSTY SILVER and GOLDEN YELLOW, they spark energising contrasts and a refreshing nonchalance. Lilac-grey shades and smooth cashmere strike a perfect balance and ensure harmony amidst all the nuances.      
However, OBJECT CARPET’s design carpets have much more than just majestic colours to offer: the INTENSIVE GRACE style world also boasts workmanship of the highest quality. Velvety-smooth materials give the surface a lively, shimmering look and a soft touch that invites a feeling of well-being.

In hotels and restaurants, INTENSIVE GRACE’s thrilling contrasts create the perfect atmosphere for a cosmopolitan clientele seeking high-end conviviality and spaces where they can retreat. Recent examples include the W Hotel in Dubai, La Visione in Stuttgart and the Laurichhof design hotel in Pirna, which are given a unique flair thanks to the carpets from OBJECT CARPET and their outstanding design.

In the La Visione restaurant, INTENSIVE GRACE creates a snug and cosy ambiance with the wow factor, generating a vibrant interplay between high-impact colours and striking materials. The creations by OBJECT CARPET and the Ippolito Fleitz Group, such as DEAL × FEEL and SKILL × CHILL, will bring vivid colours to any room design and guarantee a homelike atmosphere.

With its opulent charm, INTENSIVE GRACE is also tailor-made for a hotel setting: set amidst the breathtaking skyline, Dubai’s Hotel W is not only spectacular to look at from the outside – impressive creations also await inside, inspired by the unique elements of Arabian culture. The combination of strong colours, lively floral prints and mysterious ornamentation offers a genuine feast for the senses.

The carpets from flooring specialist OBJECT CARPET are also bringing their sense of luxury and their extraordinary, eye-catching touches to the Laurichhof design hotel.Designs such as FREESTILE MARRAKESH and RUGXSTYLE VENICE give themed suites a dramatic look.

With INTENSIVE GRACE, OBJECT CARPET is proving once again that the Denkendorf-based carpet specialist is top of the pile when it comes to exclusive design, exceptional quality and maximum comfort.