LEONARDO: new products 2021

LEONARDO: new products 2021

During the past year there have been fundamental changes in the way we live. At LEONARDO, 2020 was full of challenges too, but these also brought opportunities. In recent months there has been an increasing focus on our homes. This new domesticity has evolved into a kind of passion for cosiness, making us crave beautiful things around us. Pure enjoyment, warmth, soft forms and high quality natural materials. This is just what LEONARDO stands for – with exclusive glass products that add style to everyday life and bring a touch of Italian flair into the home.

The urge to explore new ideas and do things differently is characteristic of the LEONARDO brand and inspires our work. So we have used the time well and are in a great position for 2021. A wide range of new products highlight our expertise in glass and will add to the appeal of your home environment. As an internationally successful brand, we combine design, lifestyle and the changing emotions of our time in a unique way, as we have done for almost 50 years now.

LEONARDO’s sophisticated glass creations make stylish statements on the dinner table and in an inviting home. Our products tell stories, are full of love and bring joy.

LEONARDO will warm the hearts of any age. For example with the highlights of the PRESENTE collection: for birthdays, weddings or just for pure enjoyment – our wine goblets, champagne glasses, long drink tumblers, glass cups and tablelights bring a touch of class to any event. Natural, sustainable and vivacious, CASOLARE adds enchanting appeal to your home. The sophisticated vases feature a captivating combination of glass and teak, ceramic or metal. Alternatively the MILANO collection offers Scandi elegance and style for everyday use. Modern colour concepts for glasses add fresh verve to your tableware with the proven quality of COLORI Hydroglasur, made in Germany. Other exciting news includes the stylish IN GIRO travel bottles, BRUNELLI and BRINDISI for wine lovers, hot drinks and highlights for atmospheric table settings in spring, summer, autumn and at Christmas.

LEONARDO is one of the leading glassmakers in Europe. With exquisite artistry in glass we transform everyday rituals into memorable moments of enjoyment. Individual, emotionally and aesthetically appealing.

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