Like walking on clouds: The new Floorwear® LIVING SOUL from kymo

Like walking on clouds: The new Floorwear® LIVING SOUL from kymo

This carpet is so wonderfully soft and fluffy that you will want to lie on it for hours and let yourself completely sink into it. Due to the increasing mechanisation and digitalisation of everyday life, we are surrounded on all sides by the cold, flat surfaces of computer monitors, smartphones and tablets. The antithesis of this is a comfortably furnished home with materials that are as natural and tactile as possible: materials you will want to touch and that make you feel cosy. The new Floorwear® LIVING SOUL from kymo is made of this kind of feel-good material – genuine New Zealand lambskin.

The German Floorwear® label kymo is not only known for its design-oriented hand-woven carpets made of materials such as wool and viscose. With the CLASS OF LEATHER collection kymo is presenting its contemporary interpretation of traditional leather and fur carpets. Clear design, geometric shapes and high-quality craftsmanship transform the archaic material into modern Floorwear® for the 21st century. The CLASS OF LEATHER collection also includes the new Floorwear® LIVING SOUL, which is handmade from fine New Zealand lambskin. It is characterised by its special richness and soft touch.

Several skins are cleverly joined together using a special technique so that no seams are visible. The result is a large, smooth skin surface. LIVING SOUL clearly distinguishes itself from the rustic fur rugs in typical sheepskin form, which have been warming people for thousands of years. The new Floorwear® from kymo is a modern, straightforward and fantastically soft fur rug with a luxurious look – perfect for contemporary interiors.

The LIVING SOUL carpet is equipped with a supersonic felt backing that audibly improves the room acoustics, pleasantly cushions your steps and at the same time keeps the fluffy skins in place.

Designs and dimensions

The new Floorwear® LIVING SOUL is available in six different modern and natural colours: “caviar”, “granite”, “silver”, “sand”, “cashmere” and “nature”.

In addition to the five standard sizes (170×240 cm, 200×200 cm, 200×300 cm, 250×350 cm, 300×400 cm), individually customised shapes, colours and sizes (up to a maximum of 600×1000 cm) are also available.