Pure pleasure in handicrafts – the Leonardo ceramic collection MATERA

Pure pleasure in handicrafts – the Leonardo ceramic collection MATERA

Whether pasta bowls or cereal bowls, coffee cups or egg cups, the handmade look has long been a familiar sight in our homes. And the latest additions to Leonardo’s long-established MATERA range demonstrate beautifully why this is the case – finding the perfect pairing in the equally popular MATERA glass tumblers.

Gone are the days when ceramics were considered plain and old-fashioned. Indeed, ceramics allow us to appreciate the simple things in life in all their beauty – and in turn, the art of craftsmanship in all its many forms. Featuring both rustic charm and earthy colours, the MATERA ceramic collection from Leonardo will enhance dining tables everywhere. The plates, cups, bowls and mugs are ideal for everyday use: the hand-applied special effect glaze with its unique colour transitions lends each individual piece its own character – while ensuring it’s hard-wearing and durable.

The ceramic mugs, which are suitable for both cold and hot drinks, are particularly appealing. Leonardo has found a way to combine the different glazes with each other. The individual colours subtly blend into one another, looking much as if they had just been discovered in a small pottery on the Mediterranean. They are available in two different combinations: blue/anthracite/beige and green/anthracite/beige.

The new MATERA cups are also proving to be absolute trendsetters: their unusual surfaces and playful textured designs are testament to the finest craftsmanship. The hammered effect on the outside of the colourful cups creates a beautiful interplay between light and the content of the cup. A special process is used for the colour finish: first of all, the raised areas of the relief in the lower part of the cup are coloured dark – only then is the entire cup coated again, this time with a lighter colour. This is what really gives the MATERA cups their unique summery, fresh look.

They are available in a clear version and in the colours anthracite, green, blue and sand – the perfect match for the earthy patterns, colours and shapes of the MATERA tableware.