New Work in offices with a distinctive new charm: upbeat floor coverings by OBJECT CARPET for Flaschenpost’s new premises

New Work in offices with a distinctive new charm: upbeat floor coverings by OBJECT CARPET for Flaschenpost’s new premises

To start with, the founders of Flaschenpost shipped out orders from their student apartment – today their company is the leading online wine merchant in Switzerland. The team has grown too, and with it the need for an office design concept that reflects their “New Work” approach. berry, the New Work experts, and OBJECT CARPET were the perfect partners for Flaschenpost’s project: together the interior designers and the premium carpet manufacturer created an Individual Design that combines structural effects, colours and forms and enhances the productive, creative and appealing working atmosphere in the company’s new 410 m2 offices.

“Flaschenpost believes in spontaneous encounters at the coffee machine and in innovations that grow out of informal exchanges,” says Jennifer Kossow, Co-CEO at berry. “We have a created a space where the team members make their own individual decisions about how and where they work best.” The new office for the online wine merchant is spacious and full of light, which gives it a refreshing sense of freedom and room to think. Clearly defined zones offer a range of options for retreat and concentration, as well as spaces for dialogue and collaboration. The individually customised FORUM structured-loop floor coverings by OBJECT CARPET are ideal for this working atmosphere and add a subtle energy, generating a creative, productive effect.

This is achieved by a design that combines two distinctive elements: colour and pattern. These are not capriciously selected, but carefully targeted for effect, based on the psychology of colour. The carpet in the office area is beige – patterned with geometric shapes in various shades of green. Green is known to have a calming effect and aids concentration, making it the ideal choice for the work area. Indoor plants provided by oxygen at work enhance the sense of nature and harmonise perfectly with the flooring. Despite the combination of different shapes and shades of green, the overall effect is one of unity and balance of colours and forms, which is restful for the eyes and mind, and creates a stabilising sense of cohesion. The sound-absorbing characteristics of the WELLTEX® Akustik Plus carpet backing, which was specially developed by OBJECT CARPET, also allow individuals to feel more free to move around.

The carpeting at Flaschenpost is also used to divide the open-plan office space optically into smaller zones, and to lead the way to specific areas. While the work zone is characterised by shades of green, the design for the meeting area features a striking colour concept: five bright, vibrant colours and various shapes adorn the floor in the meeting space. Here, where the aim is to inspire a rich flow of ideas, creativity, energy and dynamism, the brilliant design of the Forum carpet with its billowing, twisted yarn, is ideal, and gives this area a stimulating but elegant atmosphere. Made of 100% recycled ECONYL® yarn, these textile floor coverings are also extremely durable and have an excellent life cycle assessment.

Owners: Flaschenpost Services AG

Interior design: berry, Jennifer Kossow

Photographs: Studio DZ GmbH, Dario Zimmerli

Customer adviser: Yves Fracheboud, OBJECT CARPET Switzerland
Products: Tiles, individual design, structured loop, customised design in green + diverse colours