OBJECT CARPET and UNStudio: a new life for old carpets with the “Future Perfect” project

OBJECT CARPET and UNStudio: a new life for old carpets with the “Future Perfect” project

“Future Perfect,” a collaborative project by OBJECT CARPET and renowned partners, such as the architecture and design firm UNStudio, the Foundation Fashion Research Italy, the design academy YAC and well-known design companies like KVADRAT, is entering its second phase after Fuori Salone: at Dutch Design Week 2022, visitors were able to get a first-hand experience of what can emerge when different materials and fabrics, such as worn carpets, are not discarded but creatively upcycled to give them a new life.

The idea: to craft something new, maximizing creative potential yet still preserving value

“Future Perfect” aims to create a design collection of (extra)ordinary objects while utilizing the qualitative, ethical and aesthetic values of disused items. Instead of just recycling by-products and production remnants, they are recombined, altered and integrated into a completely new design that respectfully takes the material source into account.

A new awareness of possibilities offered by the circular economy

Visitors at Dutch Design Week took part in an emotionally engaging experience: they were invited to enter a new world in which perception and experience change with every step. The layers of the original two-dimensional, hand-painted textile pattern from the F.FRI (Fashion Research Italy Foundation) were translated into a three-dimensional experience. The exhibition showcased an unconventional use of materials and drew the visitors’ attention to the origins of the objects around them. This was an inspiring way to create awareness of the possibilities offered by the recycling economy.

New strategies for a sustainable future

OBJECT CARPET has always combined an environmentally conscious corporate philosophy with the highest design standards. With “Future Perfect” and the collaboration with UNStudio, the carpet specialist proves once again that sustainability and carpet design can go together exceptionally well. In line with its vision of systematically lowering its own ecological footprint, the company is always pleased to explore new and unconventional paths with its cooperative partners.