OBJECT CARPET at Ökoworld Hilden – A shared commitment to protecting nature

OBJECT CARPET at Ökoworld Hilden – A shared commitment to protecting nature

Sustainability is the order of the day – and is no longer just an issue for environmental and economic policymakers. The principles of environmental and social responsibility have much wider relevance. This is why at Ökoworld AG humane and sustainable principles are deeply embedded in the company philosophy. Since 1975, this fund management company has offered forward-thinking solutions for wealth creation, pension planning and investment – and its activities have always been guided by ethical and environmental considerations. This sense of responsibility was also a key factor in the design of the Ökoworld head office in Hilden, using sustainable floor coverings by OBJECT CARPET.

For visitors to the head office of this innovative enterprise it quickly becomes clear that love of the environment is more than just a company name at Ökoworld AG. The interior design is based on a combination of beautiful natural elements: lush greenery on the internal walls and natural materials everywhere create an ambience that is full of life. Individual design themes are interpretations of the elements earth, water and air, and create welcoming, inspiring spaces to receive customers. On a total floor area of 400 m2, Dominik Schlebes and Marc Maylahn from the architectural firm querstrichdrei created an office experience that includes 14 workstations, a conference room, two meeting rooms – and a shared vision.

Sustainability and responsibility are fundamental to the way OBJECT CARPET operates too. So Ökoworld AG’s choice of this internationally acclaimed floor coverings specialist is an important statement of a shared commitment. OBJECT CARPET uses high-quality materials and styles, outstanding workmanship and refreshing designs to create impressive interiors, while also bringing a tangible sense of values to company premises.

In the generously-proportioned entrance hall at Ökoworld AG, ARCTIC with a MICRO CHIP colouration creates a stylishly welcoming atmosphere. The geometric pattern is reminiscent of the ice crystals of the Arctic, forming an appealingly structured effect in the room. Subtle zoning and the sophisticated texture of SAVOY, a loop pile carpet, define coherently styled work areas with a comfortably warm ambience. Floor coverings by OBJECT CARPET are also extremely durable and have outstanding acoustic properties, which are highly valued in the modern office.

All the carpets installed here are made of recycled ECONYL® yarn, meeting the highest possible standards of sustainability. ECONYL® brand fibres are made of 100 % reclaimed polyamide and can be recycled again easily after use. The “meeting cube”, where the design is inspired by “water”, uses VELAA to symbolise the importance of protecting the oceans, firstly in the striking graphic design which echoes the markings on sea turtles. Secondly, these carpet creations are the result of a collaboration with the Healthy Seas initiative, and were made from abandoned fishing nets and other plastic waste. The purchase price of this floor covering includes a 5 % donation to the Healthy Seas initiative. In this way, OBJECT CARPET and its floor coverings make a direct contribution to protecting the oceans.

OBJECT CARPET and Ökoworld AG both pursue a consistent environmentally responsible approach, showing that protecting nature and the environment, and social responsibility, are fundamental principles for forward-looking companies.

Copyright for photos: Jan-Torben Willkomm