OBJECT CARPET in DUBAI: The BE OFFICE for the digital natives of BE Meliorism

OBJECT CARPET in DUBAI: The BE OFFICE for the digital natives of BE Meliorism

When you step into the office of Be Meliorism in the Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai, it’s immediately clear: This is where real digital natives feel at home. The award-winning architecture firm 4SPACE DESIGN has devised unique headquarters for the young and diverse team of creative minds and tech experts. The new interior of BE OFFICE is distinguished by cutting-edge technology and trend-setting design that defies conventions. With its strong aesthetic and the innovative WELLTEX® backing construction, OBJECT CARPET creates more than just a vibrant flair. The premium carpet quality also optimises the spatial acoustics and provides a singular and healthy work setting that no modern office should do without.

A spacious, 2.5-metre-wide glass door with LED screens and RGB lights welcomes visitors to the office of the young company Be Meliorism in the heart of Dubai. In the entrance area, guests are greeted by a futuristic 3D hologram. The company’s wall of fame displays flagship projects in the form of digitised image frames in the foyer.

Firas Alsahin and Amjad Hourieh, the architects behind 4SPACE DESIGN, are true masters in their field and know how to translate their customers’ language into captivating spatial concepts.

The key values of BE Meliorism, such as innovation, people and recognition are reflected in every room of the 520 square metre office space. Bold, vibrant colours dominate the interior decor and combine with harmonious shapes to produce a dynamic creative space. Co-working areas, special quiet zones and spacious meeting rooms offer the perfect conditions for the various demands of a modern work environment.

And when it comes to the floor design, nothing is left to chance with the carpet experts from OBJECT CARPET: With its fascinating interplay of colours and subtle geometric forms, the LINUS 1101 colour shade from the FORUM FOR GREAT IDEAS evokes a lively and well-balanced ambiance. The characteristic design draws the eye and seamlessly merges with the unique interior aesthetic of the BE OFFICE. Thanks to the unlimited possibilities of the OBJECT CARPET collection, the space features diverse and focused zones with subtle material transitions.

The cut pile style combines a luxurious, velvety shimmering look with superior comfort and extreme durability. The dirt-resistant and low-maintenance qualities of the brand’s premium fibres are perfectly suited for high-traffic areas.

Since easy communication is the top priority in a young organisation like BE Meliorism, the acoustics in the office also play a crucial role in the design. With its WELLTEX® technology and the noise-reducing backing construction, OBJECT CARPET has the ideal answer for loud environments and plays an important role in providing a pleasant room atmosphere. But this is far from all that OBJECT CARPET offers in the area of floor design: WELLTEX® does not contain any PVC, bitumen or latex, making it free from harmful substances. Moreover, the carpet tiles consist of recycled and particularly low-emission PET material. This is also why 4SPACE DESIGN decided on OBJECT CARPET:

“4SPACE has always believed in sustainable products and LEED Certification. In every project that we design, it is part of our goal to ensure that we use sustainable products with less carbon footprint. OBJECT CARPET has exceeded our criteria. The quality of materials is superb.”

With innovative designs and cutting-edge standards in the area of healthy living and sustainability, the competence of the flooring specialist OBJECT CARPET is sought-after internationally.