OBJECT CARPET: NEOO – the first circular carpet for generations to come – to be unveiled at Orgatec

OBJECT CARPET: NEOO – the first circular carpet for generations to come – to be unveiled at Orgatec

Polyester: the stuff of the future

Adopting the strapline “New Visions of Work”, Orgatec – the world’s leading trade fair for modern workspaces – will be opening its doors once again from 25 to 29 October. And, of course, it would not be the same without a preview of OBJECT CARPET’s new products: the carpet manufacturer will be showcasing its pioneering new product NEOO – the first-ever completely circular carpet made from a mono-material.

This year’s Orgatec will focus on the interplay between working environment and work culture, where modern, innovative and forward-looking solutions are the order of the day. As far as OBJECT CARPET is concerned, this means products that are suitable for the circular economy, infinitely recyclable, resource-friendly and made from just one material. However, these lofty ambitions are no longer just a theoretical concept, but already reality: together with its Dutch partner Niaga®, the carpet expert has spent eight years developing the first fully recyclable carpet that is made exclusively from polyester, enabling it to be recycled in a single piece.

NEOO is the first circular carpet whose qualities outshine those of all previous textile floor coverings,” explains Lars Engelke, Managing Director of Product Development. “Suitable for the commercial property sector, for offices and hotels, easy to install, easy

to clean, and 100 % recyclable in one piece each time it gets to the end of its useful life. A carpet that guarantees value for a whole lifetime – in fact, for many!”

NEOO is the first carpet to be made solely from polyester. Polyester is a family of materials that can easily be recycled without impacting the quality. This makes it the most frequently recycled synthetic material in the world, as it retains its original characteristics and can therefore be used for the same purpose at a high level of quality throughout multiple lifecycles. The end product will always possess at least the same degree of quality as the initial one.

“A common problem with carpets is the fact that they contain a lot of different materials permanently connected together,” Engelke says. “You’re never going to be able to separate them from one another, so your only option is thermal treatment, i.e. an incinerator. And that just can’t be allowed to be an option for the future! We want the raw materials that we use to have lasting value – and for future generations too! This is why we developed a high-quality textile floor covering that is made of just one material and that can be completely recycled as a single piece in a resource-friendly way. It works because our pioneering reverse backing technology uses a binding agent for the fibres that’s made of 100% polyester.”

The hot-melt technique obviates the need for pre-coating and joins the upper surface to the supporting material through application of the Niaga® polyester adhesive. This enables the carpet to be fully recycled in an energy-efficient process when it reaches the end of its useful life. There is also no (solution-)dyeing, no use of water or gas and no CO2 emissions produced during the coating process, in turn reducing the amount of energy required by 90 % compared to conventional production methods. This makes NEOO a durable, robust and modern carpet for generations to come.

As well as its NEOO preview, OBJECT CARPET will also be presenting a hand-picked selection of other carpets on the stand that it will be sharing with EasternGraphics:

–        AT CRYPTIVE 1892 – a multitalented tiled carpet for offices: high- impact, vibrant and natural, with striking structural effects

–        MEET & BEAT 1020 – an expressive loop design with a natural, graphic look from the exciting OBJECT CARPET x Ippolito Fleitz Group collection.

–        SMOOZY 1606 – an exceptionally luxurious shag whose ultra-velvety feel entices you to reach out and grasp it. It surprises with its ability to suit any interior or contact area as well as the sheer diversity of colours available, not only as tiles and broadlooms but also as a custom-cut carpet – RUGX – a highly popular option

–        SOFIA 0802 from the INDIVIDUAL DESIGN collection – a luxurious, expansive statement product with a striking floral pattern and high recognition value.

Visitors will find OBJECT CARPET at Stand E048 in Hall 8.1. It will be sharing this stand with its highly valued and longstanding partner EasternGraphics – a software company for interior planning and creator of the pCon 3D room planner.