OBJECT CARPET: Stylish FREESTILE carpet tiles for the head office of Domino’s Pizza

OBJECT CARPET: Stylish FREESTILE carpet tiles for the head office of Domino’s Pizza

Top-quality carpets from OBJECT CARPET always make a great impression, and they have many characteristics that are highly valued by architects, planners and property managers. The Denkendorf-based company understands the importance of design, innovation and sustainability for building interiors.

The head office for the franchise company Domino’s Pizza was designed by the architectural studio Lanowv and finished with stylish carpet tiles from the FREESTILE collection by OBJECT CARPET.  Domino’s has over 17,000 branches in more than 89 countries worldwide. Since 1989 the company has been based in the Netherlands. The head office in Nieuwegein is now ready for business to blossom. The floor of the office building is decorated with elegant flower patterns in the ABERDEEN style, and the playful Nordic style AARHUS from the FREESTILE collection. The atrium, conference and meeting rooms have been fitted with a superbly long-lasting and colourful floor covering with modern metropolitan influences.

FREESTILE carpet tiles are not only stylish but also uniquely thin, durable and easy to care for – making them ideal for high-traffic office areas. They also feature many special characteristics that are beneficial for a healthy working environment: they are free of PVC, latex and bitumen, are certified by TÜV – Germany’s Technical Inspection Association – and they trap dust and dirt. This means they are completely ideal for allergy sufferers.

Acoustic values are 20 per cent better with FREESTILE tiles, and noise disturbance is reduced. OBJECT CARPET uses an innovative Acoustic Plus backing for these tiles. Another advantage: the acoustic tiles can be arranged individually without permanent adhesive, allowing unique flooring designs to be created.

All styles in the FREESTILE collection are highly sustainable and environmentally friendly. The carpet fibres are made from 100% PET, which means they are 100% recyclable.

Designers Kathrin and Mark Patel have created 14 FREESTILE designs altogether, with 4 different colourways. These exciting floor coverings make it possible to combine creative design with contemporary healthy living features.

In hotels, offices and shop interiors – OBJECT CARPET transforms designer vision into reality. For further information go to: www.object-carpet.com/en/products/sl-tiles/collections/freestile