“OBJECT CARPET x Ippolito Fleitz Group” at the offices of the Swedish tax agency SKATTEVERKET

“OBJECT CARPET x Ippolito Fleitz Group” at the offices of the Swedish tax agency SKATTEVERKET

Granted, tax agencies are not usually known for having a particularly attractive design. We automatically think of concentrated desk work and a correspondingly drab interior. However, the Swedish tax authority Skatteverket, redesigned by Stoddard, proves that the sacred halls of public finance administration can also look extraordinarily comfy. For the stylish and at the same time health-promoting floor design, the choice was made to use the characteristic floor coverings MEET x BEAT and WALK x TALK from the collection OBJECT CARPET x Ippolito Fleitz Group “The new passion for textiles.”

The office that manages the tax receipts and expenditures of a country like Sweden needs to have space, and plenty of it. The real estate company Vasakronan has been leasing an entire 42,000 m² to Skatteverket, the central Swedish tax agency, since 2021. Before moving in, the imposing Nya Kronan property in the center of Stockholm’s Sundbyberg district was thoroughly renovated, including a fresh coat of paint.

Bright, light-flooded premises, open room concepts, natural colors: the new face of Skatteverket is a friendly one. Numerous comfortably designed lounges, a green roof terrace with a unique view and a modern restaurant make it clear that they care about the well-being of the employees and want to ensure there is an opportunity for lively exchange during working hours. The high-quality floor coverings from the OBJECT CARPET X Ippolito Fleitz Group collection not only create an appealing look but also clever zoning due to their combinability: the woven carpet WALK X TALK with its minimalist, finely mottled elegance has an uncomplicated, business-like look for large areas. The communication zones are lightened up by the expressive and voluminous MEET X BEAT, which conveys the pulse of real craftsmanship. Both styles also absorb the sound of footsteps, noticeably improving spatial acoustics. This and their high durability make them ideal carpets for the commercial property sector, which is appreciated by architects far beyond the German borders.  In addition, OBJECT CARPET consistently avoids pollutants and produces carpets that reduce dust particles. This has a positive effect on air quality and is particularly pleasing to allergy sufferers.

The tax agency’s new headquarters is totally impressive in terms of sustainability, because at Skatteverket not just the look is inspired by nature. The building has solar panels on the façade and has been awarded the Platinum LEED certification. In this context, too, the decision in favor of premium flooring manufacturer OBJECT CARPET was an obvious one, as the company has long been consistently committed to reducing its own ecological footprint. Thus, all carpet qualities bear the “Blue Angel” ecolabel from the German Environment Agency.

Property company: Vasakronan

Planner & retail partner: Stoddard Mattor & Object AB

Sales OBJECT CARPET: Frank Zimmermann, Export

Photographs: Federico Covre

Products: MEET x BEAT 1011, 1030, 1041, 1071, WALK x TALK 621, 623, 671, 673, 750