Make your outdoor pot-luck party a success with MATERA and GARDA by Leonardo

Make your outdoor pot-luck party a success with MATERA and GARDA by Leonardo

In the summertime, everyone’s life centres on the great outdoors, and we all love to spend time in the open air with good friends and tasty food. Guests can bring their own favourite dish to your outdoor summertime pot-luck party, and what better way to set the scene for a range of culinary delights than Leonardo’s ceramic-look MATERA collection and decorative elements and jars and containers from the GARDA series? The sure-fire way to guarantee a cheerful, relaxed party mood!

Summer is the highlight of the year for many of us, and a trendy outdoor pot-luck party is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate mild summer evenings. The guests all bring a dish of their own choosing, so there is a wide range of different, tempting foods on the table to swap and taste. Who knows, maybe you will discover your new favourite dish at your next pot-luck party? It could be a delicious cold punch or soup, summer rolls, or a couscous salad—the main thing is that it’s fresh and varied!

Just as you can mix and match your favourite foods, you can also combine Leonardo’s MATERA products to your heart’s content. The plates and bowls are just as individual as the food they present—they are hand-crafted, with a distinctive glaze which is also applied by hand, so no two articles are exactly the same. Since each article is unique, it has a charm of its very own. There is a clear congruity between the patchwork character of a pot-luck party and the individuality of MATERA products. In addition, the hand-crafted look and organic shapes of the crockery underline the home-made authenticity of the dishes. The articles are made from hard-wearing material which is suitable for use in microwaves and dishwashers.

Of course, the right decorations are essential to ensure that carefree summer joie de vivre. The GARDA transforms your garden or patio into a miniature Mediterranean paradise. Natural materials and pastel tones characterise the decorative elements and containers. When the shadows start drawing in, the table lamps and lanterns with their natural or black-stained wood finish create just the right mood.

Crockery from the GARDA series creates a gentle contrast to the MATERA collection. Whether it is the salad bowls with matching servers, antipasti platters or wooden boards with handles for tapas or French bread, all articles are made from aesthetically pleasing mango wood which, in combination with their warm apricot varnish, emanate pure exuberance. The atmosphere is rounded off perfectly with the matching spice mill in the shape of a bull and the oil bottle with latticework cover. Refreshment is provided by the GARDA drinks dispenser, which can hold up to 5.6 litres, and shows infused water with fresh berries or delicious iced tea in the very best light. The matching latticework tumblers in two sizes are the perfect complement.

There is a choice of different glasses if you would like to finish the party with grappa, sangria or a cool spritzer. Leonardo has the right glass for every situation, correspondingly marked “Rosso”, “Bianco”, “Aperitivo” or “Vino”. Now nothing can stop you from raising your glass in a toast to “Summertime and easy living!”