Spring awakening in the living room: FORUM carpets with floral motifs from OBJECT CARPET

Spring awakening in the living room: FORUM carpets with floral motifs from OBJECT CARPET

Nature awakens from hibernation in spring. Greenery and blossoms are everywhere to be seen. But not only does the ground turn into a sea of flowers: with the floral designs from OBJECT CARPET’s FORUM collection, the spring mood spreads into interiors as well. Whether at home, at a hotel or in the office – with designs like SOFIA and RUBIA, nature is welcomed indoors.

The new creative concept from the carpet experts at OBJECT CARPET is called FORUM FOR GREAT IDEAS: 18 fascinating designs have been developed for FORUM by the designer duo Kathrin and Mark Patel. And with their great design ideas, the two creatives have provided a lot of inspiration for OBJECT CARPET customers, who can transform their own ideas and visions into their own personal dream carpets. All thanks to FORUM’s open concept.

The inspiring designs by Kathrin and Mark Patel are characterised by their enormous stylistic range, which extends from simple and purist to striking and brightly coloured. Designs such as SOFIA, RUBINA, MILEY and JANE have motifs that match perfectly with the spring awakening.

SOFIA is a true statement carpet that inspires with its luxurious floral splendour: tulips, irises, hydrangeas, peonies and many other flowers shine towards the observer. In between, butterflies and snails romp around. Thanks to the extremely precise print quality, every detail is wonderfully presented. The non-repeating tile fabric results in exciting breaks in the opulent floral design. Depending on the colouring, SOFIA can either be more restrained or more colourful and extravagant.

Flower collages meet fine, graphic lines in the RUBINA design from the FORUM collection. The combination of stylised flowers and the geometric pattern is reminiscent of the 1920s Art Deco style, which is currently celebrating a revival. This new style goes by the name “Neo Deco”, and in following this trend, RUBINA fills contemporary interiors with the elegance and vitality of the golden twenties.

With its branches and foliage, MILEY brings the beauty of nature into your living room. The design evokes memories of a spring walk, as the branches are adorned with fresh leaves and the trees have blossoms. MILEY goes just as well with classic furniture as it does modern interior design.

In the JANE motif, conversely, succulent green leaves make for a much more exotic carpet. It is therefore no coincidence that this design bears the same name as Tarzan’s girlfriend, as JANE brings a special jungle feeling to every interior. The design by Kathrin and Mark Patel fits perfectly with the urban gardening trend and its lush, tropical green will have you dreaming of distant lands.

All the FORUM designs are available in OBJECT CARPET’s four different materials: “textured loop”, “woven”, “velour” and “shiny velour”. Customers have the choice of sheet material, acoustic tiles or RUGX. There is no limit to the number of colours. If you feel that your own design ideas are sprouting when you see the floral and botanical FORUM designs, you can have OBJECT CARPET make a unique piece. Starting at 100 square metres, you can realise your dream of a unique carpet with your own design. Since FORUM FOR GREAT IDEAS stands for one thing in particular: individual floor design without limits.