THE COLLECTION with a new look.

“Create the best carpet in the world” – that’s the vision for OBJECT CARPET. The merger with their affiliated company TOUCAN-T in March 2021 created the foundation for a new joint collection. The impressive product of this collaboration is a range of the 55 best designs in fresh, new colours – setting new standards in the world of textile floor coverings.

Powered by their combined innovative strengths, the unified team is launching into the year 2022 on a definite green mission. The goal is to expand the reach in both national and international markets further still, building on proven quality and consistently green principles.

To accomplish this, THE COLLECTION combines the best of both worlds, raising the bar to a whole new level. The result is a collection based on the “best designs”. Attractive new colours and designs further enhance the combined range, creating an impressive look – with a reduced environmental footprint.

Architects, planners and creatives can look forward to some exciting design highlights. These include styles such as CRYPTIVE, COSMIC and STRUTTURA, which use interesting surface textures to generate distinctive, striking effects in interior spaces. The popular styles POODLE, HIGHLOOP, MAXIME and SILKY SEAL have all been given a refreshing update too. For example there are six new expressive nuances for HIGHLOOP, extending the colour palette to create fresh interiors full of individuality and character.

The styles in this collection are available as broadloom carpet, acoustic tiles and as RUGX individually custom-cut carpeting. Not only can these carpets be tailored to individual requirements, they are also free of pollutants and produced with minimal emissions. They also have beneficial acoustic and dust-prevention characteristics. That means that these styles from OBJECT CARPET are exceptional for healthy interior environments and suitable for allergy sufferers.

OBJECT CARPET also prioritises sustainability, circular production processes and a high proportion of recycled materials – indeed well over 70% of the company’s products are now composed of high quality recycled ECONYL ® yarn, which is made from waste plastic and old fishing nets. THE COLLECTION from OBJECT CARPET makes a powerful statement about the advantages of concentrated skills in design and innovation: the company is starting its 50th year with a clear vision for the future.