The sea dwellers are on the loose – in the BAMBINI AVVENTURA and MARE collections from Leonardo

The sea dwellers are on the loose – in the BAMBINI AVVENTURA and MARE collections from Leonardo

It’s all happening at the bottom of the sea! The BAMBINI AVVENTURA and MARE collections from Leonardo invite you to explore the vast depths of the ocean. The colourful glasses, plates and glass figures appeal to the imagination – what fun for the whole family!

Sprightly mermaids, friendly mermen and adorable octopuses: Leonardo’s BAMBINI AVVENTURA range transforms the dining table into a fun and colourful underwater paradise. Inspiring kids to plunge into exciting sea worlds, just like in the film The Little Mermaid, it adds a playful sense of adventure to start the day. The printed mugs, cups and bowls appeal to boys and girls alike. Their lovingly created designs are applied using an elaborate watercolour and hand-painting technique, which is also used widely in children’s books. This is what makes BAMBINI AVVENTURA a great gift idea, by the way.

The collection also delights with many little novel ideas: such as eating a boiled egg from the back of a sea turtle in the morning – while on the coloured lid of the drinking set, a little purple octopus watches carefully over the contents of the glass. In true Leonardo quality, BAMBINI AVVENTURA is stackable, suitable for the dishwasher and the microwave, and holds up perfectly to everyday use.

Incidentally, the MARE collector’s collection is a fabulous complement to the sea adventure. Thanks to the floating sea creatures made of delicate glass, everyone can create their very own exotic aquarium. Simply fill a suitable container with shell granules and water and let the cute little creatures take over. A glass bubble and a waxed cotton thread allow the tropical fish, dolphin, starfish and friends to float in the water.

The handmade figures are available as single pieces, as a three-piece set or in a practical decorative set. Just like the diverse worlds of adventure of BAMBINI AVVENTURA, the colourful sea creatures from MARE are perfect for collecting – and thanks to the exclusive gift box, they also make a great little present.