Say hello to spring and sumptuous blossoms with VERNAZZA by Leonardo

Say hello to spring and sumptuous blossoms with VERNAZZA by Leonardo

After the gloomy winter, Leonardo’s VERNAZZA spring collection offers hope, good vibes and that special spring feeling. Look forward to adding a splash of springtime colour to your home with fresh flowers – put on display and shown off to their best advantage in beautifully shaped vases by Leonardo.

The days are getting warmer and longer at last, and with VERNAZZA, you can bring the spring indoors. Whether fresh lilies of the valley and tulips or long-lasting artificial décor: flowers are always the perfect pick-me-up – especially when they’re stylishly arranged in a beautiful vase. Leonardo’s
VERNAZZA glass vases in both a bulbous and cylindrical shape have a unique, eye-catching design that’s ideal for putting opulent bouquets on display while the modern MILANO vase collection in stylish white or classic blue also put any spring bouquets of choice into a charming light.

The solifleur vases from the NOVARA and LUCCA collections set the stage for long-stemmed flowers in a particularly elegant way and if you prefer long-lasting, blooming options indoors then the
VERNAZZA paper flowers are just as enchanting and aesthetic arranged in a gorgeous vase. The beautifully folded works of art truly rival natural blooms and make for unique eye-catchers.
Easily coordinate them with a stylish vase or use them to brighten up any spring bouquet.

The white, salmon or purple paper flowers will stay fresh forever for never-ending enjoyment and pleasure. The elegant magnolia branches from the VERNAZZA collection are inspired by nature and set graceful accents, either individually or as a bouquet. The branches are available in different sizes and can be easily combined to create harmonious arrangements.

The trendy feather branches in red and purple are also dreamy for a light and airy look that fairy tales are made of, adding a certain something to any floral decorations. Fans of white catkins and tulips also won’t go empty-handed, finding faithful decorative companions in SAVONA and PESARO: lifelike artificial flowers that won’t fade and that offer long-lasting pleasure. Also perfect as a heart-warming gift idea!