Well-being with OBJECT CARPET: Efficient floor coverings bring cozy warmth to living spaces

Well-being with OBJECT CARPET: Efficient floor coverings bring cozy warmth to living spaces

Energy prices are rising. Heating less is now a good way to save money. But that doesn’t mean we have to freeze. Because we can enjoy wonderfully efficient sources of warmth and ease: high-quality carpets and textile floor coverings from OBJECT CARPET create comfortable living spaces and take the idea of cocooning to a whole new level.

Cozy warm and inviting: comfort in working and living spaces plays an increasingly important role in our lives and is well known to help improve quality of life. This makes it all the more difficult to turn down the thermostat even despite rapidly rising energy prices. Especially in the cold season. We all have our own personal comfort zone. But when it comes to room temperature, there is a clearly defined range within which people feel the most comfortable: the “comfort zone”! This is between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius. Below this point, comfort declines quickly.

Everyone has been there: taking the first steps of the day, moving your feet from under the warm bed covers to the unheated bath or kitchen tiles – they feel instantly cold and any sensations of comfort are banished. It doesn’t have to be this way. Even during an energy crisis. Because there are many factors that influence well-being: for example, decorators often recommend textile products such as deco fabrics, cork flooring or carpet to create a warm feeling in a room. Whether its custom-cut carpets in the hallway or warm shags and velvety cut piles in the living room – warm materials trigger feelings of belonging and ease. “Textile floor coverings counteract the dissipation of heat due to their structure and materials,” explains Patric Kannberg, Sustainability Manager at OBJECT CARPET. “We perceive the surface temperature of a carpet floor to be higher than a hard floor due to the reduced loss of heat.”

The exclusive designer carpets from OBJECT CARPET transform private living spaces into magnificent oases of comfort. For example, the high-pile shag POODLE has an invitingly soft and fleecy feel that warms the soul. Another charming gift to your skin is SMOOZY: the soft sheen of this luxury shag seduces with its sensuality. Silky and shimmering magic moments flow easily from the premium cut pile SILKY SEAL. With enormous color competence and visionary design skills, custom-tailored private spaces can be conjured into being. Plus, all OBJECT CARPET styles are produced without pollutants and with low emissions. They also have beneficial acoustic and dust-prevention characteristics. At the same time, they improve the air quality, create an exceptionally healthy living environment and are suitable for allergy sufferers.

These refined floor coverings create a unique atmosphere of well-being and identity – whether at home or in a loft, office or commercial property. This has even been demonstrated scientifically: A carpet floor not only offers physiological benefits, it also enhances the psychological perception of comfort. Measurements have shown that residents in a carpeted room feel more comfortable even when the room temperature is 1 to 2°C lower than in rooms without a textile floor covering. Even in new buildings, carpets clearly pay for themselves with energy savings. From broadlooms to acoustic tiles or individually cut RUGX styles from OBJECT CARPET – these dreamily soft premium carpets keep living spaces ultra-cozy even in winter.