21. September 2020 |
| GeSK

Fashion meets FLOORWEAR® – kymo’s 2020 carpet innovations

Fascinating contrasts and harmonic compositions – this year’s FLOORWEAR® innovations from kymo impress with their exciting design and sensual feel. They fill rooms with a unique identity and are evocative of distant worlds. The high-quality and soft materials will invite you to dream.

THE LAB FLOORWEAR® collection from kymo is characterised by a balanced interaction between fine details and a keen sense for the essential. The carpets’ fresh, innovative designs and patterns will provide any setting with an atmosphere that is homey and modern at the same time – whether it be a private home, a luxury hotel or a retail store. Diverse and versatile, the exclusive collections have developed from the essence of the smallest components. The carpets CORALS and NEW WAVE, designed by Katharina Tannous, represent this year’s innovations. The synergetic effect of four intense standard colours makes the CORALS series appear especially natural. Moreover, the dynamic design of overlapping waves in six standard colours in NEW WAVE alsocaptures the vitality of nature.

kymo’s THE LOFT collection stands for timeless and minimalist design. Each carpet has a distinct elegance as well as a discreet style. The longevity of FLOORWEAR® enriches spaces just as much as the extensive selection of patterns and colours that leave plenty of room for individual design plans. With MARBLE, STUDIO NYC POLYSILK, MARK 2 POLYSILK and CLASH – the innovations from 2020 – there are even more possibilities. Inspired by marble stones, the MARBLE series by Eva Langhans is highlighted by curved lines and natural shapes. The carpets of STUDIO NYC POLYSILK will capture attention in any room thanks to the sturdy yet wonderfully soft and shiny polyester-based kSILK fibre. The kSILK fibre is also responsible for the unique character of the MARK 2 POLYSILK carpets, which are additionally combined with a stylish vintage aesthetic. The CLASH series by Katharina Tannous features a more graphic design. The expressive carpet is composed of two colour fields that are separated by a diagonal line with modern shapes.

kymo’s FLOORWEAR® from POLYESTER RANGE fascinate with their versatility and possess that special something. The series is particularly sturdy and easy to maintain due to the used polyester material, making it ideal for daily routines. Inspired by nature, this year’s POLYESTER RANGE has introduced the outdoor carpets TWILIGHT and JUNGLE, both of which are designed by Eva Langhans. With remarkable designs and materials, they consist of recycled PET, which is produced from used plastic bottles that are melted down and spun into a robust yarn. Whereas the striped pattern of TWILIGHT is reminiscent of the contrasting interplay of light and shadows, the vivid pattern of the JUNGLE series will transport the viewer into an exciting jungle landscape. 

The CLASS OF LEATHER collection from kymo is distinctive for its unusual combination of design and materials. Modern designs and original, traditional materials such as fur and leather are combined into exciting creations. Old and new as well as history and the present are merged into a fascinating carpet that will take you on a journey into the past and the future. The cosy LIVING SOUL carpet from the CLASS OF LEATHER collection is made of soft lambskin. It produces a snug feeling of comfort, warmth and naturalness, which is additionally emphasised by the six different grey and natural shades. The “supersonic” felt backing also contributes to ideal room acoustics, stabilises the furs and is especially pleasant on the feet.

The carpets from kymo’s WOOL RANGE collection are characterised by their impeccable naturalness, warmth and cosiness. They unite sophisticated design, high quality and innovative material combinations. With this FLOORWEAR® you can discover wool in a completely new way – as with this year’s HIFI HERITAGE. The designer Eva Langhans refers to cultural heritage with subtle monochrome colours and strong combinations. One particular highlight is the finely woven diamond and striped pattern, which is achieved solely with a jacquard loom, a revolutionary technique that was developed over 200 years ago. This method of production creates a contrasting, high-quality image on the back of the fabric – so both sides of the carpet are presentable.

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