22. Juli 2020 |
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HIFI HERITAGE – Tradition in harmony

With carpet design in high-quality craftsmanship, kymo provides special floor coverings for luxury hotels, boutiques and private homes that have earned the name Floorwear®.

People are yearning to travel and feeling at ease at home is more important than ever. Both these developments can be brought into harmony with one another through inspiring colours and shapes that evoke individual memories of familiar things. With her new design HIFI HERITAGE, kymo leader designer Eva Langhans has created a carpet that suits both globetrotters and design lovers. Her designs draw inspiration from handicraft traditions from all over the world: from the carpet art of the Navajo natives, to North African kilims and Scandinavian woven carpets.

Sometimes strong earthy colours dominate the jacquard pattern of diamonds and stripes, sometimes the designs have monochrome shades or sunny colours. Depending on the colour combination, the pure wool Floorwear® has either a southern look or a Nordic Scandinavian style.

Similar to how the invention of the jacquard loom 200 years ago made sophisticated colourful patterns possible, the development of High Fidelity or HIFI paved the way for new sound quality and a greater variety of ways to enjoy music. The jacquard weaving technique also creates a multifaceted, contrasting image on both sides of this new Floorwear®. A felt backing was therefore deliberately avoided, especially since wool carpets are naturally voluminous, dimensionally stable and heat-insulating as a result of their loose, crimped structure. HIFI HERITAGE can therefore be presented on either side.

Material: Wool, jacquard-woven

Size: 170×240 cm, 200×200 cm, 200×300 cm, 250×350 cm, 300×400 cm

Custom sizes up to 400x500cm are available on request

8 colour combinations, other colours are available on request

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