01. Juli 2020 |
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PURE SUMMER FEELING: New Floorwear® design from kymo

Summer and cool water belong together! Whether in a wide turquoise sea or a glittering lake with a mountain panorama – the view alone puts us in a holiday mood and makes everyday life seem easier. With the new Floorwear® collection from kymo, this summer feeling enters the home. As with many designs, including several for outdoor areas, the innovative manufacturer of floor coverings appeals to our emotions in its references to nature.

Throwing pebbles into the water and dreaming about the undulating rings, watching the wind ripple through the water’s surface, diving into a world of bizarre shapes and deep colours – these were the inspirations for kymo designer Katharina Tannous in her designs NEW WAVE and CORALS. With an interplay between shiny viscose and the finest natural matt New Zealand wool in subtle colours, the hand-tufted designs cleverly imitate the reflections of sunlight on water.

NEW WAVE is lively like the sounds of the 1980s and the gentle movements of water surfaces. Katharina Tannous has succeeded in capturing summery sounds and harmoniously flowing movements in all their dynamics. Half-offset circles bring movement into the NEW WAVE design. The subtle tone-in-tone colour scheme evokes images of a clear water surface.

CORALS, the second new kymo carpet, will take you away to a tropical climate. The new Floorwear® design is reminiscent of the enchanting delicate structures of corals and offers a view into a mysterious underwater world. With colours full of fascinating intensity, similar to those you would experience in the depths of the ocean, CORALS creates summery accents against the monotony of everyday life.

Designs and dimensions: Hand-tufted on New Zealand wool and viscose NEW WAVE is available in six standard colours that reflect the lifestyle of the musical era: black ink, the streets, melancholia, night sky, street light and dark timer.

The CORALS colour palette consists of the intense natural tones tropical reef, sepia, deep sea pink and beach.

Standard sizes: 170×240 cm, 200×200 cm, 200×300 cm, 250×350 cm, 300×400 cm

Custom sizes are available up to 500×1000 cm for CORALS and 400×500 cm for NEW WAVE.

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