20. Mai 2020 |
| GeSK

Royal comfort in modern style: New Floorwear® design in kSilk from kymo

The new Floorwear® fibre from kymo bears the name kSilk and for good reason: after all, silk is the queen of textile fibres. It is unparalleled in its softness, shine, and above all, its incomparable brilliance. The natural yarn extracted from the cocoons of silk worms is particularly precious and fine. The innovative high-tech kSilk fibre has a polyester basis and stands out with its durability: wonderfully soft and sturdy at the same time, kSilk is suitable for low-maintenance floor coverings.

Almost like silk, Floorwear® STUDIO NYC POLYSILK adds a touch of luxurious grandeur to the interior. With 17 intensely radiant colours, STUDIO NYC POLYSILK sets strong accents in all trendy furnishing styles such as modern glam, retro, boho and even purism. With its fine, dense pile it creates a soft basis for more comfort at home.

A little more extravagant and just as precious, kSilk is also used in another Floorwear® innovation. MARK 2 POLYSILK has a silky shimmer and has undergone a special vintage treatment. Stylishly rugged, like an old family heirloom, its charm is captivating.

STUDIO NYC POLYSILK and MARK 2 POLYSILK are available in five standard sizes and 17 different, intensive colours. If you cannot find a matching style, special sizes and individualised colours are available on request. Both Floorwear® designs are hand-woven, and despite all their glamour, are still low-maintenance and sturdy. That means you will be able to enjoy them for a long time.

Designs and dimensions:

• Handwoven
• Standard sizes: 170×240 cm, 200×200 cm, 200×300 cm, 250×350 cm, 300×400 cm
• Specials sizes available up to 400×1000 cm
• 17 colours, custom colours available on request
• Suited for underfloor heating

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