30. April 2020 |
| GeSK

Summery shadows: The new Floorwear® TWILIGHT from kymo

There is hardly anything that will put you in more of a holiday mood than sunrays that fall diagonally through the blinds and paint shadows on the floor. kymo head designer Eva Langhans’ design of the new Floorwear®
TWILIGHT perfectly captures the summer atmosphere. Like elongated shadows, irregular stripes cover the soft pile as if they were drawn in perspective. The carpet, which was designed for outdoor use, is perfect for bare feet and makes balconies and terraces cosy until late in the evening.

The material of this new outdoor Floorwear® may surprise you: the soft pile of TWILIGHT consists of 100% plastic and is still exceptionally sustainable. More precisely, the carpet is made from recycled PET, which means that used plastic bottles were melted down and spun into an extremely durable yarn that is ideal for producing textiles and carpets. PET is robust, tear-resistant and repellent to water and dirt. The fibres are antistatic and the colours are UV-resistant.

TWILIGHT is built to withstand any weather: wind, intense sunlight and even heavy rain cannot harm it. The carpet comes without a second backing to better suit the outdoors, ensuring that rain and splash water always wash away. And if you are looking to furnish an interior with this new Floorwear® highlight, the carpets can also be ordered with a back made of polyester to improve room acoustics. Underfloor heating also poses no problem.

TWILIGHT is hand-tufted and made to measure, which means excess waste is avoided – the icing on the cake!

Designs and dimensions:

The new outdoor Floorwear® TWILIGHT is available in six different elegant colours: “woodgrain”, “niagara”, “zebra”, “palm leaf”, “wild amazon” and “grey shadow”.

In addition to the five standard sizes (170×240 cm, 200×200 cm, 200×300 cm, 250×350 cm, 300×400 cm), individual products in custom shapes, colours and sizes (up to a maximum of 500×1000 cm) are also available.

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